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Last updated on October 10th, 2019


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I’ve been writing on this blog for almost two years now. Along the way there’ve been of course a couple of long hiatuses in between my writings, but nonetheless, I’ve continued on because I see something very important in these posts. As I’ve stated previously, and bring this point up again, my purpose in having this blog is to help people believe and live their Christian beliefs more authentically according to Scripture. Or to play off of a political phrase we’re hearing a lot these days, I want to make Christianity authentic again. Sorry to all those who’ve been trying to avoid anything political lately, I couldn’t help myself. Of course Christianity has always been authentic. It’s the inauthenticity of some church teachings and practices of Christianity that’s the problem. So what would a return to authenticity mean?

A return to authentic Christianity would mean a significant boost to eliminating all of the hypocrisy within the church and its leadership. Authentically following what Scripture teaches, over and over again Christians would check any leader’s teachings through Scripture so none of us was blindly following a corrupt preacher. The Bereans tested Paul, the couple in acts corrected the man who was teaching inaccurately, and Paul corrected Peter in front of the Gentiles. No person other than Jesus, who was the Word in flesh, is above being made sure they’re following Scripture accurately and in context. Not to mention the other instructions of Christians needing to keep one another accountable to a Christian lifestyle. If we all fully participate in our responsibility just as shown to us in Scripture, perhaps there will be less gossiping in churches, less abuse of young congregants, and a change to many other things that the church often gets criticized for being hypocritical on.

A return to authentic Christianity would mean a re-emphasis of the importance of reading and knowing Scripture. Recall John 1, where it’s stated that God and the Word are one. The chapter indicates Jesus and the Word are one. And in 2 Peter 1:20, it shows that the Holy Spirit authored Scripture. The first Christians in Acts 2 devoted themselves to the Apostle teachings, which those teachings are in Scripture. Because of the lack of emphasis placed on Scripture, the emphasis has been placed on having supernatural experiences with God outside of Scripture, and Christians aren’t necessarily following what God wants them to do. They’re following a feeling, and a feeling can lead one to any direction. If the emphasis was stressed that one should fully engage themselves in Scripture in knowing that it’s God they’re engaging with and being guided by, Christians would always be assuredly following God’s direction, and less Christians would be lost from the faith because they never got any feeling inside to lead them.

Most importantly, a return to authentic Christianity would mean a revival of people coming to true salvation. The perpetuation of this idea in modern Christian culture that “praying to receive Christ” will save a person is something that isn’t scripturally accurate. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, there are no verses to my knowledge of Scripture that say “a sinner’s prayer” will save you. Scripture seems to repeatedly assert that a person after hearing the gospel message must believe, repent, confess, and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins. Every salvation in Acts occurred this way, Jesus, Apostle Peter, and Apostle Paul instructed things this way, there are writings from early church fathers that affirm this truth, and with all these facts it’s very hard to deny that baptism is a necessary component of salvation.

So as I approach the 2 year anniversary of starting this blog in a couple of months, it’s my mission to continue to challenge traditional beliefs that stem from denominational church doctrines. I want to continue to encourage all of us to take the time to read Scripture and carefully study to see if any teaching we’ve ever been taught is true, learn what are teachings of Christianity as stated in Scripture, and not go off of what somebody else has told us. That includes what I say as well, because just as Peter and Paul were not above Scripture fact checking, I’m not either. I continue to appreciate all of the questioning and commenting from those of you have done so, and welcome anyone else to do the same and add any input for the sake of helping to elevate our knowledge and understanding of Christianity. Peace to all those who are in Christ.


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  1. Amen and Amen!! We can and will worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24) And will NOT let fear take hold of our souls – mind, will, and emotions – to worship God in vain! I will not let this happen to me and I hope others will do the same. Thanks for your honesty and Congrats to 2 yrs!

    1. Hi Bambi. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it’s quite the shame there’s so much division today. Hopefully we can all work to create more unity amongst us in the future.

      Peace to you in Christ. 🙂

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