Where has the time gone…

Last updated on October 10th, 2019

Hello. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post. I suppose my focus shifted towards other things and I was unable to maintain a consistent supply of content. I think initially when I started this blog, though I stated what my goal was in my first post, I was probably more unaware than I thought of how I wanted to go about this. I knew I wanted to primarily write about Christian topics, and I also knew I wanted to occasionally delve into prevalent news and social issue topics as well. I knew those things, but I don’t think I really knew why I wanted to write about those things as much as I thought I did when I started. I quickly became like many other one or two and done bloggers, who are all too often initially excited to enter this world, but then lose the motivation to consistently write content for their readers to enjoy, regardless if anyone reads it or not.

I write again now, because I think I’ve tapped into the exact passion that motivates me to present to you these topics for thought and discussion, and strive more to consistently do so. As those of you gather from my initial post once you’ve read it, I’m passionate about my faith, factual information, and coming to reasoned conclusions. The reason my focus in writing these posts is primarily my Christian faith, is because what I’m passionate about seeking and pursuing in my life and in my writings is an authentic religious experience. Emile Durkheim once described religion as society essentially worshipping itself, which when I look at how Christianity is presented and portrayed today often, it’s hard for me to disagree.

Sometimes people don’t worship God so much as they worship their own perceptions of God. They neglect what Scripture states of God and being a Christian, and primarily come to their own ideas of things based on the traditions they grew up in. For example, some believe that the sole purpose of faith is for God to give you whatever you want if you live right. Some come to the idea that God communicates to you in all forms of gut feelings, signs and prayer. Others present faith as all based in feeling rather than knowing, and as having your own individualistic “personal relationship” with God. I think today we see faith boiled down to a humanistic emotional experience rather than an authentic religious experience.

Now I understand some can easily question whether I’m simply giving my own perceptions, but in the Christian faith, we have a set of standards that we test things with. That set of standards is the Scripture. As 2 Timothy 3:16 alludes, the Scripture defines what correct teaching is. One may ask, well can we not have multiple perceptions? To that I would say the Scripture appears to provide a singular God-based perception more clearly than people give credit for. Yes, there are some occasions Scripture alludes that our conclusions may vary in action, but I would contend that’s generally rare, and most teachings are made clear to follow in one way only.

I grew up in a particular tradition that taught things to me that I came to discover to be counter to what the Scripture stated. I watched many televangelists teach things that I came to discover were quite deceiving and misrepresentative of what the Scripture details. Having been disappointed by my faith on multiple occasions, and realizing my disappointment came from misinformation after seeking the facts for myself; I want to help enlighten other people who’ve been disappointed too, or perhaps never really thought about things on a deeper level. I know I have a lot to live up to titling my blog “Fact Based Truth”.

With that said, I always welcome added facts that I may have missed that could give a more accurate understanding of things for all of us. Also, I’m aware that I’m just as easily susceptible of having my own biases, so I can’t promise you that everything I post will always be unbiased and objectively fact driven. But it is what I strive to do in these postings, in that I try to present reasoned conclusions based on all the facts, and not just only picking and choosing the facts that support a particular position as some are in the habit of doing. I strive to use that standard in my postings not just limited to discussing my religion, but also discussing news items of the day and prevalent social issues. I think there’s plenty within today’s culture of opinion dominance that’s lacking factual reality on issues. I hope I can enlighten in these forms of discussion as much as I’m passionate about doing so in the religious forms of discussion.

To those who are current readers, and to the future readers that come along, I hope that you’ll enjoy the material I deliver to you, and that it’ll provoke you to thought and perhaps maybe even positive action. God bless, and good thoughts to you all.

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Last updated on October 10th, 2019

The most important topic as it pertains to Christianity is salvation. It’s the central foundation of the Christian faith that all of mankind are sinners in need of the saving power of Jesus Christ, having shed his blood on the cross for all of man’s sins. Without this knowledge and realization, you have no Christians, and thus you have no Christianity. It perhaps can not be stressed anymore strongly than that, which is why is it’s extremely relevant for one to understand how to receive salvation through Christ. The difference between knowing and not knowing is the difference between a life of eternity with God and a life separated from God. There can not be any room for error when it comes to factually understanding this question of salvation, and God would not allow there to be any doubt about it for something He considered so important, the salvation of mankind, that he sent His only begotten son to die for it. (more…)

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Welcome to my world

Last updated on October 10th, 2019

Hi everyone. Well, after much time posting notes on Facebook, I’ve finally taken the leap of entering the blog world. I’m looking forward to using this platform to promote the things that I believe are not being understood correctly based on all of the facts. I’m not in the business of being another person spouting off my personal opinion. The difference here will always be that I back any conclusion that I give you with facts, and you’re welcome to chime with your own fact based insight as well, because all I’m about is getting to the Truth.

I’m a person that has absolutely no desire to be right or wrong. It’s my goal here to elevate us all to a higher level of Truth, and move beyond the surface level of lies that are being promoted all throughout society today. My particular focus will be on Biblical truth that the large majority of churches are ignoring, and the false teachings out there that are deceiving many people today. I’m a future graduate of Religious studies and Biblical scripture is what I’m passionate about.

Having said that, if there are other things out there in the world that interest me that I think would be beneficial for all of us to know more factual truth on, I’ll talk about those things as well. I’m the type of person that’s fascinated with finding out what’s really going on, and not just taking someone’s word for it. As a matter of fact, don’t even necessarily take my word for everything I write on here. Those of us who are Christians know that we’re reminded throughout scripture to always test things to be true (Acts 17:11, 1 John 4:1). In a world full of more distractions than ever, very few of us take the time to dig deeper to see the truth behind things. Consider me as the person here to do the job for you, and hopefully enlighten each other in the process. God bless.

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