God, America, and Politics…

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What is our duty and loyalty as followers of Christ as it pertains to political issues and American patriotism? Some argue that America is a land built on a Christian foundation, and that it is the chosen country much like the Israelites were the chosen ones. Some people believe that America needs to be restored to the Christian values it is said to have been founded upon or America will eventually face detrimental condemnation from God. Is it our duty to make an effort to institute Scriptural teachings into law before it’s too late?

The first question that should be answered before all of these other questions is what is our first loyalty and duty? For those of us that follow Scripture, the answer to that question should be that our first loyalty and duty is to God’s will and the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Above patriotism and above all social issues, that is the primary focus. It’s emphasized over and over and over again throughout Acts, the Apostle’s letters, all the way to Revelation. So our number one duty should be to focus on continually making an effort to abide in obedience to God’s Word and sharing the Gospel message that will save all who choose to follow it.

So where does the concept of American patriotism fit in all of this? Well, let’s start with America. Does Scripture state at any point that America is a chosen country selected by God to support in all of its endeavors as it chooses to honor Him? The answer to that question appears to be no. God’s loyalty is never stated to be with America whatsoever, and thus our loyalty to country whether we’re American or of another country should be well below our loyalty to God. As often times America is personified, America is not a living breathing person. It’s merely an inanimate federal republic. Whether this inanimate federal republic prospers or not should not matter to us. God is only concerned with the people within the body of Christ, and those who can still become a part of the body of Christ, not America.

This brings me to my next conclusion, which is whether it’s a Christian’s duty to institute Scriptural teachings into government policy. To my knowledge of Scripture, I find no instructions that instruct followers of Christ to institute Scriptural teachings into law. Therefore, the active efforts of those who try to institute laws such as bans on certain actions that do not coincide with Scripture are doing so without any authorization from God. Just as God does not appear to force individuals in Scripture to abide in His teachings, neither should followers of Christ try to do so by lobbying for such laws to be enacted. It seems instead as followers of Christ, we must inform people of sin, encourage them not to, and hope and pray they will turn from their sins, and choose to be scripturally saved followers of Christ.

American patriotism very dangerously toes the line of Idolatry, as well does political ideology. I consider myself neither liberal nor conservative, but merely a follower of Christ. It slightly disappoints me when I find that people place their politics before their designation as followers of Christ, by labeling themselves as Liberal Christians or Conservative Christians. They use (or perhaps more accurately twist) Scripture to support a liberal or conservative ideology, rather than simply following whatever ideology the Scripture states. Scripture neither supports conservative nor liberal ideology, but only supports Scriptural ideology. May we all hold our designation as followers of Christ above all else in life by supporting Scripture alone, and continue to follow God’s will in exhibiting the teachings given to us as followers of Christ, and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Peace to all those who are in Christ.


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