How Christians should understand the presidential election

Last updated on October 10th, 2019


Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

Well Christians, we’re just two weeks away from the Presidential election. Two weeks, then it’s all over until the circus comes back to town 4 years later. The election will either bring us President Trump or President Clinton. I’m going to tell you something some would say I probably shouldn’t. I’ll say it anyway. Are you ready? It does not matter who gets elected.

“What did you just say!?”Let me repeat that again… IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. WHO. GETS. ELECTED. I can hear the loud voices on both sides now.

Clinton Voters:

We can’t elect a racist, sexist, erratic man for president.

Trump Voters:

We can’t elect a lying, corrupt, criminal for president.

All Presidents Are Bad

Frankly, all of our past presidents have questionable characters. From the founding fathers being slave owners, to the current president who used shady tactics to get elected to his first political office. Really, the President doesn’t have that much power anyway. Arguably Congress controls more. We just have this perception of Presidential power being something super. A president gets all the blame when things go wrong, all the credit when things go right.

Though I digress

This is not my main argument. My main argument to you is it does not matter because no matter what, God determines the final outcome. Whatever consequences you fear from one or the other, Christians will still prevail. If you really have faith in God, you know everything will be okay no matter who’s president. There’s nothing worse, absolutely nothing worse, that any future leader in power can ever do, than what Pontius Pilate did. He allowed Jesus, our Lord and Savior, to be put to death.

Luke 23:20-25 states “20 Pilate, wanting to release Jesus, addressed them again, 21 but they kept on calling out, saying, “Crucify, crucify Him!” 22 And he said to them the third time, “Why, what evil has this man done? I have found in Him no guilt demanding death; therefore I will punish Him and release Him.” 23 But they were insistent, with loud voices asking that He be crucified. And their voices began to prevail. 24 And Pilate pronounced sentence that their demand be granted. 25 And he released the man they were asking for who had been thrown into prison for insurrection and murder, but he delivered Jesus to their will.”

No leader, not Trump, not Clinton, no one… will ever do anything worse than this. But it was all a part of God’s great plan. In the end, when this leader did something so bad, something so good came out of it. Christianity. And whatever happens, whether some like to believe this election will lead to the end of all things pending on who’s elected, God will have the final say, and Christians will prevail in the end. If this brought you comfort in this crazy election, you might know others you can share this with who will be comforted too. Peace to all those who are in Christ.


3 thoughts on “How Christians should understand the presidential election

  1. Nice one.

    I think this is spot on.
    “We may throw the dice,[a]
    but the Lord determines how they fall”..prov 16:33)

    Wish all these prophets & pastors who’ve spent the past year prophesying concerning this elections will finally be silenced & return to actually feeding the sheep with the word not political drivel.

    1. Hey Wale. Nice to hear from you again. Very true. God controls the final outcome on all things, and I hope everyone will get back to focusing on living according to the Word. Peace to you in Christ my sister. 🙂

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