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Last updated on October 10th, 2019



Hello again my fellow facttruthers. Don’t know how that sounds as a name to coin for us as a group, but the larger point that’s the focus in this writing of course is that I’m back to writing posts on Fact Based Truth. I took a brief four month hiatus from writing on here because I was volunteering to write for another website that had a larger audience for me to share my writing. It was an enjoyable time period as I learned a lot more on how to navigate WordPress and some of the things it takes to build an audience for a website.

I’m hoping this information, which I’m grateful for the person who gave me the opportunity to learn, will help me in spreading the things I’ve been writing about on here to more people. I’ve been hesitant to return to writing because I found in the time I stopped writing when I made the decision to leave the website I was volunteering for that I’d felt I lost my fire. It can be very challenging and at times frustrating when people choose not to listen to facts, and only settle on their assumptions that they’ve grown up with or that they were taught in the beginning of their journey to knowledge.

But it’s important to keep engaging people and challenging them on their traditional conclusions whether it’s their religious beliefs, their political beliefs, or any beliefs they have in general. It takes time for any of us to learn and grow away from the things that we’ve had established in our brains by people who were very persuasive or convincing in their emotional appeals and selective use of facts. I want to keep writing so I can push against the emotionality that’s been the force behind a lot of false assumptions and inaccurate conclusions. I want to help people consciously recognize and acknowledge all facts and not fall into the trap of believing things just because it sounds right or it feels right.

As I’ve said in the beginning of my writings, I don’t presume that all of my conclusions are correct. I expect and welcome challenges because I need to have my conclusions pushed back so I know I haven’t missed any facts that could alter the best conclusion I could arrive to. Though I do believe in everything I’ve written I’ve approached it with the utmost care and deliberation in focusing on clear direct statements in proper context and factual events. There’s an old quote that I saw a year ago that’s very true to this day and that should be at the forefront of all our minds when we try to think, understand, and make our own conclusions. “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool”. It’s such a true quote because we really can convince ourselves to believe anything if that’s what we really want to believe.

Of course ultimately in anything we’ll all choose to believe what we want to believe, but I’m writing to help anyone out there believe to the best possible conclusion we can through facts and not assumptions. It’s my hope as I begin writing again that we can consistently work to not start with a conclusion and build the facts around it, but to start with the facts and come to the best conclusion based on that foundation.


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