A Christian Perspective on the Colin Kaepernick Criticism

Last updated on November 18th, 2019


Kneeling, Trump, and White House invitations rejected. It’s been an interesting weekend in the sports world. I like to keep things strictly scriptural on here for the most part, but I occasionally find politics too fascinating not to talk about.

News recap

If you haven’t been keeping with the American sports/political news of late, there’s been a back and forth between President Trump and members of the NFL and NBA organizations. It started when Trump expressed criticism of Colin Kaepernick. He called him a term I won’t repeat at his rally for his kneeling during the National Anthem. Mr. Trump believes owners should fire people who do that. After his comments some NFL owners and players spoke their disapproval of these comments. President Trump responded instructing his followers to boycott the NFL. He also dis-invited NBA player Stephen Curry from coming to the White House for the Golden State Warriors NBA championship celebration, to which the Warriors responded by declining to go to the White House.

Keeping up with everything so far? Since then it’s all turned into a back and forth war of words. As usual, the media is ready to sensationalize everything with watching how many players take a kneel today. I just have a few thoughts on this issue.

Colin Kaepernick criticism overshadowing the message

Colin Kaepernick desired to bring attention to police brutality and social injustices through his kneeling. But the criticism of Colin Kaepernick seems to be overshadowing the message. It’s like when PETA has women get naked to bring attention to animal cruelty. Sure, they get some attention, but the controversial tactic overshadows the message. Perhaps a different tactic should be taken by NFL players other than kneeling during the anthem. At a certain point, like with the things politicians do, it all starts to just look like theater, which doesn’t accomplish anything.

Outrage out of proportion?

I think all the outrage over a kneel seems a bit odd. I think of other things one could do that could be more disrespectful to the US flag and American troops other than kneeling during the national anthem. One could spit on the flag, pee on it, flip it off, or worst of all burn it. I find patriotism a little discomforting at times, because people seem to elevate it to a level with or beyond Christ. Those of us as Christians should always make Christ our first and primary allegiance.

People just picking sides

A lot of things seem to be devolving to a point where people are just picking sides and arguing their point of view. Are you for kneeling during the anthem or are you against kneeling during the anthem? Are you for Black Lives Matter or against Black Lives Matter? Is the problem police brutality or black on black crime? Are you a liberal or a conservative? No nuance, just one or the other. Thankfully I’m just a Christian in all this.

Exercising love

If you’re just a Christian like me, all we have to do is find ways to exercise our love. To display acts of goodness that draw people to our faith which changes them and changes the world. Even if one’s personal politics is different from Black Lives Matter, one can go out of their way to help those in underprivileged communities through volunteering. Vice versa, people who think police brutality is prevalent, besides just protesting, find ways to create better relations between police and the community. Organize community meet and greets. Befriend some cops. Consistently remind them how much they’re appreciated for putting their lives on the line. Basically we can all find ways to help the other side we may strongly disagree with feel loved. That can open the door for more understanding.


Unfortunately some people on both sides will never approach these issues with a level of maturity and kindness that could benefit improving these disagreements. But I hope more people, particularly my fellow Christians, will turn to love over anger with those who they strongly disagree with in these contentious times.

Peace to you all in Christ.


8 thoughts on “A Christian Perspective on the Colin Kaepernick Criticism

  1. Great wisdom! I would like sports, music, Hollywood, and all other entertainment industries to stick to their reapective crafts rather than abuse their platforms of influence. Their supreme talents do not necessarily qualify them to speak or behave as moral or spiritual authorities. If they still wish to exercise their right to express their feelings and opinions, I would have them take it backstage from their professional spotlights. A venue that is meant to entertain the public is an oppotunity to bring people together with a positive spirit. All else that would cause division and thus unhappiness has its right place and time, which is surely not where most people go to have fun away from their eveeyday challenges.

    1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for your comment. That’s an interesting thought to ponder. Would it be better for celebrities or athletes to save their expressions and actions in support of their social issue thoughts and opinions for a time outside of when they’re doing their professional work? Though I do understand the aim they seek bringing their opinion and thought to an issue at the peak of which they can get the most attention on it. At the same time, one could wonder how much attention it successfully gives to the cause they care about vs backfiring and merely drawing attention to themselves.

      Peace to you in Christ.

      1. Yes, exactly what I was thinking! And many of them are truly more thinking of making themselves important or significant rather than drawing attention for the right reasons. Shock and sensationalism are the fast track to success in this culture; this is nothing new or secret. This is why most of the media focuses more on the negative and radical than the goodness in the world.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful, level-headed response to the situation. I agree there are a lot of worse things people could do to the flag. I would go a step further and say there are a lot of things people could do (and do do) that are much worse than disrespecting a flag period. If half those issues got half the attention this issue gets, the world would be a much different place. Hence the call to simply exercise love!

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