The Police, African-Americans, and Emotional Irrationality

Last updated on October 10th, 2019

I intended to write on a passage in Acts today on correction, but a recent news story has compelled me to take my opportunity to address a social issue for the first time in one of my posts. As you may or may not have read yet, unfortunately there’s been another moment of confrontation between the police and an African-American citizen. The story is still fresh, but as the current facts I read that have been reported, an 18 year old African-American male was being questioned by officers in St. Louis, and then apparently pulled out a gun. The officer responded by firing at the teen and he was killed. Unfortunately this began yet another protest that the media surely enjoys broadcasting for ratings. It can be difficult to get a firm grasp on an issue so high in emotions, and perhaps that’s the problem. I understand when an issue involves deaths; emotions will always be difficult to control. (more…)

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