The Worst Church Sign Saying I’ve Ever Seen

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Last updated on November 30th, 2019


If you drove past this church sign saying, would this make you want to stop go in? Or would you be horrified by what you read and speed away?

You’ve seen them many times. You’re sitting in your car.  You’re driving down the road, and you see a sign next to a church. Usually these are funny church sign sayings that make you laugh, or church sign sayings about faith that make you think. “Need a lifeguard? Ours walks on water”. “Son screen prevents sin burn.” You get the gist. But what purpose did this sign serve?

Yes, there were 19 hijackers on the planes on 9/11. The number of Americans dead were actually 2,996. The sign is saying something that’s basically true, but still, why? What does that have to do with Jesus?  If this church wanted attention, it definitely accomplished that today. In the process though, it probably  made some people push the pedal and drive as fast as they could past that church.

But I want to empathize with this church for a moment. A sign like this seems to come from perhaps a legitimate fear of Muslims. Which with all the negative portrayals and stories about Muslims committing violent acts, they might feel justified. In this sign may be a legitimate belief that Islam threatens Christianity. Let’s say for the sake of argument all of this is justified. Is the best way to win to publicly antagonizing Islam? Or is the better way to show the best of Christianity and let the light of this faith shine so bright it attracts more people than any other religion? Maybe that could work better.


What do you guys think? Is this is an appropriate church sign saying, or is it possible a more Jesus focused sign might have drawn a Muslim immigrant to go in and become saved that day? To paraphrase a popular phrase, what would Jesus think of this sign?

Peace to all those who are in Christ.


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  1. It’ll make some Christians even bitter towards Muslims and that’s not the gospel. When Jesus said “go into the world and make disciples of all nations” that message included Suicide bombers too it includes every terrible person that exists in this world. As a Christians our nature is to love irrespective of what is going on. That really is what will convict another unsaved person out there.

    1. Can’t understand myself either, Katharina. But I guess all we can do is try to set and teach the right example, and hope other people will see the love more than the hate.

      Peace to you in Christ. 🙂

  2. Wow. That sign is so inappropriate. There are many verses in the Bible that tell us not to oppress foreigners (immigrants) eg. Jeremiah 7:6,22:3; Ezekiel 22:7; Zechariah 7:10. Will this sign express God’s heart towards immigrants, or incite Christians to hate them? This sign makes no distinction between immigrants and terrorists; nor does it preach the gospel or bring hope or life to its readers. Very sad choice in my opinion.

    1. Very sad indeed, Laura. I hope the negative media response this church has received might give them pause and they thoughtfully consider a more Christ centered church sign.

      Peace in Christ. 🙂

    1. A head shaker indeed, mylivinglifesite. We can only hope and pray they’ll the assembly will reconsider what their church signs will be the church, for the sake of the Gospel.

      Peace in Christ. 🙂

  3. Jesus would not approve of the sign, for certain, but on a side note, how can you be certain that this is true? “Yes, there were 19 hijackers on the planes on 9/11. The number of Americans dead were actually 2,996. But the sign is saying something that’s basically true.”

    May I challenge you here to pray about this, and to ask the Lord if what you just stated as truth is actually truth? Remember the Bible teaches that there will be many deceivers who will deceive many into believing lies, as though they are truth. We need to check out everything we hear and read in prayer with the Lord, and against the Word of God. We need to test, in prayer, what we read and see in the news or coming from the mouths of our politicians, etc. We need to not assume it is truth just because it is in the mainstream news, in other words.

    1. I’d been meaning to respond to what you said here but never got around to it. I’m not too sure of the official narrative given of what occurred on 9/11 being true either. I only typed that for the sake of the larger point I was trying to make. But yes, I think it’s important to be skeptical of everything even beyond the Christian world of things. Certainly a lot of deception we can be unaware of in this world.

  4. What’s the purpose of this sign? I don’t think it’s to remember the folks who died. I think it’s to stir up resentment against “those people” and to make us “rally around the flag.” Whatever happened on 9/11 (whether it was Al Qaeda or an inside conspiracy — who knows, to be honest?), we’re supposed to love our enemies and pray for those who hurt us. This sign doesn’t accomplish that.

    Keep American nationalism out of my Christianity.

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Yes, it’s disappointing when American Christians choose to see their faith from the prism of viewing the United States as the chosen country. Hopefully with future generations faith is becoming more centered on Christ than country.

      Peace to you in Christ.

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