What Is a Spiritual Connection With God?

Spiritual connection with God

Last updated on November 28th, 2019


Have you ever asked that question as it relates to your faith, or something similar? Like “What am I expecting in my spiritual connection with God?” I asked myself that question today, and you might find my answers intriguing.

So in this new journey with God that I’m on, and really in this journey I’ve always been on since I first learned about God, expectations have always been a tricky thing. I have my expectations, but then there are also the expectations that scripture gives you. What you want is not necessarily what is said will be given to you. What matters to you may not necessarily matter in the grand scheme of things in the plan laid out in scripture. So we have to kind of grapple with our own expectations.

What do we expect in a spiritual connection with God?

Personally, I’ve always expected some sense or feeling that I have a spiritual connection with God. In another post I wrote a long time ago, I was very transparent about the fact that I don’t ever get any feeling or sense that my faith and God is real. Only on an intellectual level, and my own personal choice, I choose to believe my faith and God being a real thing in my life. But I wish I could get more of that sense and feeling of such. I mimic so much of the things I’ve read people have done in scripture. Bowing face down before God in prayer as some did. Singing the psalms that were sung by the apostles. And in general participating in so many actions man did in scripture to engage with God more.

But still nothing really, but maybe I’m expecting too much. I don’t know exactly what my expectations have been all the time but just to take a stab at it, maybe I’ve expected the voice of God booming in my ear. Maybe a clear vision in my mind of what my future is that will happen. Maybe a sign of something that I really desire is going to happen. That’s the closest I can surmise.

How to get a spiritual connection with God?

I have friends of faith who’ve had the strongest assurances about what God communicated to them about what would happen in their life and also the desires they had that would happen. The journey of how those things would happen wasn’t always a clear one, but their lives ultimately ended up that way. A friend who believed she was supposed to do a certain job and she’s doing it now, a friend that believed and desired she was supposed to be living near the capital of the United States and she’s there now, and another friend of mine who always believed she was going to get married and she now has a husband and a beautiful baby boy now.

Honestly, the only thing I’ve ever found myself strongly assured about with regards to my faith is salvation. But I’ve had strong beliefs in something maybe being the thing that will happen in my life, and about things I strongly desired that I hoped would happen, and honestly, time and time again I’ve been left disappointed on those fronts. Things have still remained somewhat the same that I’ve been waiting and working for change on for the longest time. And all through this, other than my choice to believe in something that is greater than me and my true admiration for the words I read in scripture which I’m blessed to read, I don’t get any sense of spiritual connection with God.


In this time period of about a little over a month so far, I’ve found myself waiting for something. Looking for something to happen as I continue to read scripture daily, look to the sky and talk to God daily, and just try to do my best to obey God daily. Doing different things in my life hoping for some way to end up being a straight path in my life. But I wanna believe some things will be clear eventually, because really, the alternative would be pretty grim. Thankfully the optimism which has always stirred inside of me will always continue to believe in something better happening.

So what have you expected in your connection with God?

Peace to you all in Christ.


33 thoughts on “What Is a Spiritual Connection With God?

  1. Wow. Thought provoking…..I have always prayed, but grew up in a Catholic church, so I would talk to God, but not get a response, if you will. I began to notice how he answered my prayers. It is hard to notice it day by day, but you are in some way in connection if you are praying, reading the bible, or even ask for his presence. What started with a series of amazing angel feathers, including a gorgeous purple number that just happened to be my favorite color, and the color of my childhood bedroom. Then my beloved dog died, and the experience I had the next evening was not only supernatural, but changed my outlook on God, love and any ideas about coincidences. Then I went into the New Age, not for long-about a year. I have pictures of angels in my back yard, in the mist and I took them because the Holy Spirit nudged me. Then out of the New Age and into his loving arms, a baptism under water, and a personal, day to day relationship with the Prince of Peace. Blessings.

    1. Hi Michele. Thanks for your comment. Indeed, there is some form of connection through our own engagement. And what an amazing experience you’ve had. I’m glad that those experiences have helped you to feel more connected with God in your life journey. I can only hope I’ll find my own experiences that’ll give me more of that sense.

      Peace in Christ.

  2. Boy, do I relate to this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems in most of my journey’s with God, the one thing I could always depend on with Him was, “Be still and know that I am God.” 🙂 I have had a few “clear visions” but most of my life with God has been waiting for Him to unfold His plan in one way or the other. I never really knew what it was until it happened.

    However, through this my faith grew. My trust in Him grew. Patience grew. I think God reveals His connection/revelations with us according to what we need in our spiritual lives. One thing that has happened in the past year, is more of a Father/Daughter relationship. Oh, He is still God to and for me, but I have more of a “family” relationship with Him now. I like going to Him as His child. I think at times we forget to do that. As usual great post and God Bless, SR

    1. Hi SR. Thanks for your insight and compliment. And that’s lovely you are able to characterize the extent of your connection feeling more like a father daughter relationship. When you said the phrase, “I never really knew what it was until it happened.”, it kind of made me think of the phrase, “hindsight is 20/20”. And a part of what I was pondering before I wrote this post was this idea of wondering if people retroactively choose to characterize certain events and circumstances, be they random or non-random, as being God or God’s plan after something comes about or works in their life. As an outsider to this kind of thing, it seems kind of random at times what people configure as this journey of God. But of course most people obviously do strongly believe these events and circumstances are God or God’s plan, which I don’t take away from that at all. Just pondering things.

      Peace in Christ. 🙂

      1. The one thing I will always base something on regarding “if it is God’s plan or not,” is connecting it with the desires of my heart. The Bible tells us He will give us the desires of our hearts, but it must be according to His will and glory. For me, there is always something inside the soul that will connect, “This is of God.” If I am not sure this is God’s plan, and sometimes I am not, I do not make a move until I get 100% clarity on it. Just a little more info. God Bless, SR

  3. I know what you’re talking about. I have found that I was singing that Matt Redman song, “It’s all about You” (I can’t remember the exact title) but living my life like it was all about me. I started listening to Todd White who said, when you open your Bible up, ask Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you, everytime you read. I started doing that and things started to pop out at me, things that I had read before were jumping off the page. So many times we try read the Bible intellectually and it doesn’t make sense so we try to make it make sense and it just gets more and more muddled and we get more and more confused. We need to learn how to get our head out of the way and let Holy Spirit do His work.
    Think about it.

    1. Hi royalpalmtree. Thanks for your encouragement. Interesting method you’ve offered. When you say “things jumped off the page”, what do you mean by that specifically?

      Peace in Christ.

      1. Take Ephesians 1, for example. I had read that numerous times, but after I asked Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to me, to show me who I am, wow! There are things in there that I hadn’t seen before. Holy Spirit showed me what I had just read so many times, He made it real to me.

  4. I hear you. Sometimes, if I’ve been waiting for some sign, I find that I usually miss it. However, when I focus my attention on other things, I sometimes am surprised by the small ways that the Lord gets my attention (I say “sometimes” because there is no formula or way to predict how and when God will engage with us – after all, in the book of Job, poor Job to wait a good 38 chapters forgot to start talking to him!).

    Most recently, this happened when I was watching the third episode of the “Planet Earth II” series. There was something about the color, the beauty, the variety, and the fact that God made sure that each of these animals had food to eat and shelter that really ministered to my heart that day. I was surprised at how touched I was, but I felt like that episode was a sermon in a bottle meant just for me.

    I’m not saying that you should try this – I wasn’t “trying” anything when this happened. I have been earnestly looking for a sign about the situation and presently facing, and this was not what I was expecting. Not by a long shot!

    Just sharing one of my experiences, in case it is helpful in some way.

    1. Hi Daily Thankful. Thanks for your comment. An excellent observation you make in the first paragraph. Not only just observing Job, but really everyone’s journey with God in scripture, there communications and connections with God all occurred differently. Which at times makes me skeptical of people who present a specific way of what God will do in leading or guiding you, or how things happen with the journey. Though I know some do mean well in only sharing what their experience has been as you have just now, which I feel privileged to hear and receive anyone’s experience if it can perhaps be the one experience that enhances my understanding in a way that gives me a sense of more clarity.

      I think that’s wonderful you had that moment. I think elements of nature can tend to bring about a feeling of God being near given we were originally supposed to be living in nature. I feel a peace in myself as well when I take the time to sit out in nature or just watch some nature events on television. I definitely agree that there seems to be something to that probably.

      Peace in Christ. 🙂

      1. Please forgive my delay in responding – I thought I had replied earlier.

        You are a very astute in your thinking and application of the Bible. I do not believe that there is one prescription that God uses to speak to all of His children, and the way that we all experience Him is different. Some may not feel anything at all! When this happens, rest in the knowledge and the truth that you have about Him, even when your feelings and experiences haven’t quite aligned with that which you know to be true.

  5. How do I know? Good question. The most assured way I have of knowing is when I have been praying for something and a door is actually opened for me to accomplish it, or it just comes into play through the power of God on it’s own. Another way is when I have been praying and then I read Scripture, and there it will lay. God always confirms His word to us. Another way He has done this in my life, is when I go to Church and the Priest will say the very answer I have been waiting on, or he will teach on it. Then I know things are about to happen.

    God will never lead us into confusion on anything. God is pretty much a “yes” or “no” God. If we do become confused that is the devil. That is when we have to halt, and wait. If it is of God, the stirring of the soul, will never quit.

    Another thing we have to learn and to me is the most important, is to “shut the soul up” of our thoughts and feelings, so we can actually hear Him. As St. Faustina said, “God cannot deal with a chattering soul!” So silence, recognizing, and realizing are the three most important things to me. Hope this helps. God Bless, SR

  6. It can be the same for an old married couple… No butterflies, but the commitment is there and the relationship is much more meaningful than the emotion-laden flings that teenage lovebirds are having. Better to know and love God WITHOUT the feeling that you are doing such than not to know or love God WITH the feeling that you are doing such.

    1. Hi Christian Renaisssance Movement. Thanks for the comment. I suppose your analogy seems logical. Though I’d be lying if I didn’t say it can be discouraging to think nothing is really happening from all that I’ve been trying to do. Perhaps even married couples give acknowledgement and some form of positive reciprocation to their spouses for their efforts.

      Peace in Christ.

  7. I have come to believe DEEPLY in the truth of the scriptures and most especially in Romans 10:17…So then, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
    I think this has been a key component in my journey. I grew up in a Catholic family and if you’ve ever been to a Catholic Mass you’ll know that while there are readings from the Bible, it’s not the main focus. I was never encouraged as a child to read the Bible either. I was 48 years old before I finally surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I didn’t plan to do that…as a matter of fact, I got to the point where I wasn’t even sure God existed…but He sought me out. He rescued me. In my bitterness and anger He found me and I cried out to Him…” IF you’re real, you’ve got to do something to show me because I don’t want to live anymore and I’m too afraid to die!” (I knew I was headed to hell…if there was such a place because the enemy had nearly convinced me there wasn’t). But
    God found me…and through listening to His word preached nearly 8 hours/day 5-7 days s week for about 6 months…I began to experience the love of God for the very first time.
    I’m certainly not saying that’s a method to copy to get the same results but I do believe what the Bible says…and if we seek Him we will find him. Our faith grows by HEARING not simply by reading. Reading out loud enables you to hear also. Listening to the audio bible works too…I love that we are in this 21st century where we can listen to sermons online and the Bible on our phones. I believe the Lord, in His great wisdom and unending mercy knew EXACTLY what I’d need to grow in my relationship with Him…to develop that deep connection you speak of. He knew I would need online sermons, a non-denominational church, audio bible apps, Google…oh and a GPS because I could get lost going around the block. Lol!
    Prayers for your journey…remember, we are not limited by God…We can have as much of Him as we want! When the Bible says “Ask and you shall receive…” take that literally. When we ask for the things that are in line with His will, we have what we ask for. It IS His will that you connect to Him, believe that. But know this too…it’s not about our “feelings” but ALL about our faith. We walk by faith and not by sight, right? You seem to know this already. You are developing a relationship with Him based on faith. I believe you can ask Him to reveal Himself to you in a new way…then open your eyes to see what He wants to show you. Be willing to “see” Him in the people you encounter each day. Jesus Himself probably isn’t going to show up on your doorstep tomorrow…but your neighbor might. How can you experience God in others and how can you BE Christ to the lost?
    Also, another good verse, “We have not because we ask not” James 4:2-3
    My prayer for you today: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
    – ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    1. Hi jackie1227. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the kindness you’ve extended to me by sharing your story and offering encouragement. I was wondering if you could clarify one thing that you stated if you don’t mind.

      When you said, “I began to experience the love of God for the very first time”, what do you mean by that? What would you describe that experience?

      Peace in Christ.

      1. Absolutely! I had to take some time to try to explain…I hope this helps. (Lord I pray that you will quicken to FBT’s Spirit what I am about to say)…When you begin to LISTEN to God’s Word preached and hear the Biblical truths of His word being taught you begin to “experience” His love.
        Now read this aloud to yourself…Hebrews 4:12 tells us this: ” For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any two edged sword, it penetrates even to the dividing of soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
        Martin Luther said, ” The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; It has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me. (That’s powerful, isn’t it? He pursues US! We only need to open our eyes to see, open our ears to hear and open our hearts to receive His truth!)
        When I randomly flipped through channels one day and heard a southern preacher say something about God loving me I was (somehow…by the grace of a God) drawn to that; I wanted to hear more. My ears were open to hear His truth possibly for the first time in my life. I believe it all started with listening to the Dave Ramsey FPU cd’s for weeks on my way to and from work (about 45min each way). I was hearing the Biblical principles of money management but God was wooing me back to Him. That was like a primer, I guess. Now I was ready…I wanted to believe what this preacher was saying. I began listening to him on iTunes and Podcasts while I was working in my cubicle 8 hours a day and then would go home and listen at night. I let the word wash over me. I opened my heart up to be receptive to whatever God wanted to reveal to me. When you choose to let Him do that He WILL. He will never force himself on us overpowering our free will…but He will open up opportunities AS WE SURRENDER and allow Him in. When you surrender and give yourself back to the one who gave His life for you, His peace and His love and His grace just become known. I’m sure the experience is different for everyone but He will make Himself as available and known as YOU chose to let Him to be.
        I remember just a sense of KNOWING. Deep inside of me I knew I was loved by my Creator. Just like I still know that He is calling me to a deeper relationship with Him. As I seek to know Him more and more, He continues to reveal Himself to me in new ways.
        I hope that helps some. 🙏

        1. Thanks for your prayer and also all of your personal experience that you shared in the last couple of comments. May God continue to bless you in your journey.

          Peace in Christ. 🙂

  8. Thank you for your transparency in expressing your uncertainty regarding your expectations from God. In response, I thought of a particular scripture related to the topic of expectations toward God. Romans 9:33 speaks of the person who accepts Christ as savior:

    . . . He who believes in Him [who adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Him] shall not be put to shame nor be disappointed in his expectations.
    As a believer, know that God loves you far more deeply than you can imagine, recognizing that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you could ask of even think. Therefore, have great expectations toward God. The close, intimate relationship that you desire to have with God, He longs to have with you. He who spared not His own son but freely gave him up for us all, how shall He not with him also freely give us all things. God as a loving father desires for you to know Him in a deeply personal way. Our relationship with God should be the foremost relationship in our lives. Here is a poetic expression of my desire to enjoy such sublime fellowship with God and He with me.


    You are my hiding place; you shall preserve me
    from trouble; you shall compass me about
    with songs of deliverance.

    Psalm 32:7

    Flood my blood with love and remove all fear.
    Fulfill this yielded vessel, clothe me and
    Draw me nearer, closer than breath or tear.
    Share with me the intimacy you planned
    For man to cherish and enjoy before
    You fashioned earth or gave to man his form.
    Whisper divine secrets hidden in store
    Within your heart, my shelter from life’s storm.
    Fill my ears with words of peace that shall bring
    Forth my lifelong song in your melody
    That I may vocalize your will and sing
    In one accord, in perfect harmony.
    More intimate than friend or kin or wife
    Is close-knit love God weaves within my life.

    I pray that you will raise your expectations as you develop an even closer relationship with God, knowing that you will not be disappointed in your expectations.

    By the way, thanks for the “likes” posted on my blog. I appreciate your support.

    1. Hi Dr. J. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the time you took to write all of those thoughtful words of encouragement. A true act of kindness displayed, and that’s an interesting verse you referenced. I’ll have to dive deeper into the particular passage it came from. But I will surely continue to try my best to have high expectations for the kind of connection and direction that I hope and desire from God.

      Peace to you in Christ. 🙂

  9. Thank you for such a great post! It really resonated with me since I too have struggled in the past with my connection with God. I never felt as if He were listening because I never saw the big sign. Now I have found that in quiet, I can hear God more clearly and I really need to discipline myself during that time so that I can focus on that connection and maintain it. This is something I do not always do because life gets in the way and I need to refocus and work on my relationship with God. Thank you for this, its the reminder I need to keep myself on track.

    1. Hi Anna Mae. Sorry I responded to your comment late. I must have overlooked it. I’m glad that you’ve found deeper connection with God when you spend some time in quiet with Him. I hope you’ll be able to continue to make time for building your connection, and I’m happy I could give you a reminder to focus on that.

      Peace to you in Christ. 🙂

  10. This post really hit home, so thank you for sharing. Likewise, I feel more intellectual about my decision as I rarely experience a tangible feeling of God’s Presence; however, I have felt the amazing gift of His healing many times. I believe we may experience Him more through others than anything else.

    I also wanted to thank you for actively reading on my site. I truly appreciate the support!

    1. Hi Danielle. Thanks for your comment, and you’re welcome for the support. That’s wonderful you’ve experienced healing from God. And indeed, I think we forget a lot of our connection with God is not just our time focused on Him, but our time spent loving others.

      Peace in Christ.

  11. I’ll be 66 in November. In those six and a half decades, I’ve had to form who I perceived God to be. When I was nine years old my earthly father died on my birthday. Immediately I took the event to be a punishment for something I must have done to make God angry. It took literally 18 more years before I could erase that misconception.
    Each decade has brought with it a clearer vision of who God is and what He wants for me. Today I see Him everywhere, in everyone, and in everything. He existed before time, space, or matter. He’s not an old man in the sky with a long white beard.
    I believe in the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. as stated in the Bible. My limited mind cannot conceive the why or the how. But through every earthshaking experience in my life, I’ve have become more intimate with my Creator. He has always shown up (more than a few times in miracles) when I needed Him most.
    Today I can’t live a day without knowing He’s there. I seek Him first. I don’t demand answers. I just seek and listen and watch. Everyday, if my eyes are open, I witness His power and glory.
    A relationship with each one of us is what He wants. He wants to shower His love on us. It is as different for each person as their lives are different from each other’s. Your relationship will be different from mine. But if you want all the joy, peace, and happiness He has to offer right here and right now: ask, listen, and watch. Don’t close your eyes. Open them.

    1. Hi Phyllis. Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad you were able to gain some peace about God with regards to your fathers death. And it’s lovely to read since that peace you’ve gained you’ve had experiences that have made you feel deeper connection with God throughout your life. I’m appreciative to hear of your positive experiences and I thank you for the advice that you offered.

      Peace in Christ. 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle. Thanks for your comments. Yes, the moments that cause us some form of despair can lead us to seek out answers more. I find some comfort in the examples of the people scripture who lived this life.

      Peace in Christ.

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